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Limitation of Liability Statement

Additional disclaimer. Company “ReadyCred Inc.” and candidate for the purposes of (document collection) understands and agrees that any document and assessment provided to ReadyCred Inc. company, will not be used, or sold to any third-party companies. Any results the individual’s performing by assessment, exam and data collected, and the inferences drawn are only broad measurements and by their nature are subject to varying interpretation of such documents and results. 

Client understands and agrees that while company believes these services can
provide one reasonable measure of individual background, drug, and medical screens results, Company “ReadyCred Inc.” will only share data results with said “client” for the purpose to complete said credentialing services. Company “ReadyCred Inc.” will not share, use, or sell to any third-party company’s said “client” candidate information. The sole purpose of Company “ReadyCred Inc.” service is to process the credentialing and compliance on behalf of  said “client” complete confidentiality in support of the HIPPA policy.

Client agrees and warrants that, in the event of services are administered and solely in connection with its pre-boarding of hiring employees by outsourcing the credentialing service to said Company “ReadyCred Inc.” no personnel decision and excluding work or performance related matters to credentialing services. Client waives any claims against Company “ReadyCred Inc.” based in whole or in part of the services provided by Company “ReadyCred Inc.” and end-users of the services.